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Guideline to apply TURFBOND application & storage procedures


1. Roll out turf and acclimate per the manufacturer's written instructions.

2. Place seaming tape.

3. Pour TurfBond onto the tape or other suitable surface.

4. Trowel TurfBond at a 45-degree angle using a 3/16" V-Notch Trowel.

5. Press turf into the adhesive bed.

6. Place weights to hold down seam.

7. Protect from light traffic for 12 hours.


Immediately clean any unwanted adhesive with a dry cloth while TurfBond is still fresh/wet. Note: TurfBond is extremely difficult to remove when cured


Unused TurfBond can be stored in its original container. The length of storage time will depend on the amount of moisture in the product and the humidity of the storage facility. For best results, cover the unused adhesive with plastic wrap and press it firmly to the surface of the adhesive. Remove as much air as possible and replace the container lid. A thin hardened layer may form on top, this can be removed when ready for use, the adhesive under will be ready to apply.


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