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TURFBOND is Ideal for Your Latest Project

There are a variety of great artificial turf suppliers out there to choose from that can fit your next project. Choose TURFBOND for a single-part moisture-curing adhesive that goes the distance and lasts longer overtime on projects small and large. Whether you’re adding a bit of green to an office space or indoor putting area, or if you want a care-free lawn that the HOA can’t complain about, TURFBOND is the go-to product for turf adhesive.

The Importance of choosing the right adhesive

If you’re tackling an outdoor project, you need an adhesive that can withstand the weather. TURFBOND is a single part polyurethane adhesive designed to withstand weather changes to keep a strong, long-lasting bond. TURFBOND is designed to save time and make your projects easier, just open the pail or cartridge and start spreading with your trowel or caulk gun until your job is complete. Other adhesives don’t always prioritize polyurethane in their formulation, but this is essential for a long lasting bond when installing artificial turf outdoors. Go with a product built to withstand whatever nature can throw at it.

Use TURFBOND for precision work or grand-scale redesigns. We proudly partner with our sister company PrecisionJet where TURFBOND is used to glue and hold their artificial turf logos together. TURFBOND’s long lasting and durable adhesives have been used over the years to create field logos for popular teams like the Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys. To date, there have been zero seam failure warranty claims on any of our PrecisionJet projects, a monumental testament to the quality and strength of TURFBOND adhesive. When handling fine linework like logo cutting, you want an adhesive that can hold together a design for the lifetime of the field. Choose TURFBOND and rest assured your artificial turf installation is backed by the best turf adhesive around.

Give Artificial Turf a Chance on Your Newest Project

Save on design and time with artificial turf. Whether you’re looking for a redesigned indoor space or you’re wanting to give an outdoor area an eco-friendly boost, artificial turf is the wave of the future. Installation is quick and easy when you utilize top quality products like TURFBOND. Not only is our adhesive weather-resistant, but it is an all-in-one product that is ready to go from the time you open the container. We want to help make your next project a success, from small spaces to extra-large outdoor venues. We offer the highest quality available with our products, making us the #1 choice of hundreds of pro teams, universities and high schools. When you’re ready to undertake your next project, take advantage of our fast-acting adhesive to get the job done right. Our complete inventory is available online, and we ship almost anywhere so you won’t have to worry about your location when it comes to quality products.

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