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TURFBOND and Landscaping Contractors

Artificial turf is on the rise, and our engineered TURFBOND adhesive is specifically made for precision application. When it comes to landscaping, you want your work to stand out. Not everyone can afford to maintain a custom, gorgeous landscape or exterior design. But most people still want to enjoy having some greenery in their surroundings. Add artificial turf services to your list of provided landscaping options, and use TURFBOND to adhere it to almost any surface. A team of workers can cover a large space in a short time with this fast-working adhesive. With TURFBOND adhesive there’s no complex two-part epoxy system, and 100% of the adhesive can be used, so you get to save on waste and time.

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Artificial turf is no longer limited to simply replacing a lawn. Innovative designs pull artificial turf into the twenty-first century with a variety of options; indoor play areas or putting greens, enclosed patios, balconies, and even decks. These days adhesive needs to be powerful enough to adhere to more than the ground. It has to be versatile enough to apply to almost any surface to get the job done. Commercial offices now take advantage of artificial grass for pops of color and a realistic organic feel within their buildings. Water resistant turf adhesive is a requirement to ensure your project remains intact. That's why TURFBOND adhesives are unique with moisture-barrier properties built right in. Whether your client's artificial turf is being installed inside or outside, it creates an environment that is comfortable, and easily cleaned and maintained, without compromising visual appeal.

Your landscaping crew won't require special training to be able to handle TURFBOND adhesive, just simple trowel tools that help keep product costs low and profits high. Whether you’re a complete team of landscape professionals, or a self-employed contractor, our product can be managed by anyone. We pride ourselves in TURFBOND being VOC Free and on most projects it can be eligible for LEED credits. Your team can safely handle our product, as it does not present any harmful fumes, odors or outgassing and we guarantee it will not damage turf fibers during application. TURFBOND is fast-acting, position and adhere your seams within the 30 minute open time and leave in place to fully cure. Other than prepping the surface you’ll be working on, TURFBOND needs no additional prep; just open and start working.

Because TURFBOND features a single part, moisture cured adhesive, it is desirable in the workplace. Rest assured that it has passed every test for long term reliability in a product after handling thousands of detailed logo assemblies from our sister company Precision Jet. Every year these assemblies are bonded with our product without a seam failure, proving time and again that TURFBOND adhesive is the way to go. Although TURFBOND can be easily managed, it is imperative to ensure that it is installed correctly to get the right results. Unroll and acclimate the synthetic turf per the manufacturer’s written instructions and plan your seams accordingly. Using TURFBOND as directed - available in 5 gallon pails or 29 ounce tubes - on your next artificial turf installation project will ensure your clients will be pleased with the results.

These days we see more and more artificial lawns popping up across the country. Thanks to the rising costs of maintenance and water for natural lawn, synthetic lawns are the way to go now more than ever. With TURFBOND adhesive, we strive to ensure that our product can meet the needs and demands of the growing market while remaining one of the top adhesives on the market. Since TURFBOND is preset so it's ready for any project, it's easy to teach your workers how to handle and apply and you can send nearly anyone out to a jobsite to handle the application. At TURFBOND we look forward to supporting you in all of your artificial turf projects.

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