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A Green Sport Field All Year Long

Keep your sports field looking its best. Artificial turf offers longevity that regular, natural grass cannot match. Between foot traffic, practices, and sporting events, sports fields take a beating each season. From professional stadiums to local schools and even sports parks, artificial turf is the way to go. Natural grown grass requires routine maintenance, from expensive daily watering to upkeep including mowing, weeding, fertilizing, and tending to areas that die off and must be regrown or replanted. These ongoing maintenance costs can eat up an organization's budget. By installing and utilizing artificial turf, all the upkeep diminishes without compromising that lush green look. And with TURFBOND, we are dedicated to delivering industry leading adhesives to help with your artificial turf installation without compromising the environment or quality of the product. Our product can brighten an indoor sporting area too, as TURFBOND is 100% solids and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) so it can be used anywhere.

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TURFBOND is versatile, strong, and durable bonding adhesive that can withstand the harshest weather conditions to keep your artificial turf seams in-tact. TURFBOND exceeds FIFA seam strength standards, just ask our sister company PrecisionJet about the strength of our adhesive. They’ve used TURFBOND for the assembly of thousands of artificial turf field logos from the Dallas Cowboys to the Miami Dolphins without a single seam failure. Installation is a breeze with our single part moisture curing adhesive, just open the pail and get to work, no mixing required! Keep the costs of maintenance and upkeep down while going greener with an all-seasons artificial turf. Have ease of mind for the next sporting event with an artificial, always-ready field that is built to last. Benefit from artificial turf and be the envy of other sports fields for years to come. Check out our product online and discover why TURFBOND is the perfect adhesive for your next artificial turf field installation. Contact us at info@turfbond.com or 770-926-0004 for wholesale quantity pricing opportunities.

Try Artificial Grass for Your Next Project

When you’re ready for your next artificial turf project, you’ll want to ensure you are using quality products to get the job done right. Whether you’re in the market for an interior or exterior upgrade, commercial landscaping, or sports field installation, artificial turf is an excellent option. Help keep your surfaces safe, and your outdoor areas secured with an adhesive that keeps your artificial turf in place. There can be a lot of wear and tear on artificial turf surfaces, and a permanent weather-resistant turf adhesive will help keep everything where it’s supposed to be. Be it a project big or small, TURFBOND can handle it all. Shop our complete inventory online and check out our helpful FAQ page if you have any questions. Or give us a call and a member of our dedicated team will gladly speak with you. We look forward to helping complete your next project with TURFBOND.

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