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Using Artificial Grass in Place of Natural Grass for Residential Areas

Maintaining a beautiful green lawn is easier in theory than reality. Natural grass is a constant source of upkeep: water, mowing/trimming, fertilizer, dead patches, and raking up the top layers of dead grass at the end of the season. Not to mention weather can play a huge part in how well your lawn will do each year; if there’s a drought or a sudden increase in water charges, keeping a lush yard becomes a burden. There’s no easy way around the trials of natural grass without outsourcing the work for another steep cost. Artificial grass replicates the experience you would have on regular grass and is a comfortable addition to your interior or exterior space. Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular, benefiting from an aesthetically pleasing lawn without irksome yard work and maintenance. When you use TURFBOND to adhere your artificial turf, you're ensuring great results.

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When you think of artificial grass, there’s one vantage point that sticks out above all else: less water use. It’s true that installing artificial turf can help reduce your water bill, and in today’s world helping the environment is a huge plus. Artificial turf is a surprisingly eco-friendly option, and after installation requires little to no maintenance. Houses and residences that fall within an HOA often have steep requirements for the landscape, and it can be a lot of work maintaining a green front or back lawn that meets their requirements. Installing artificial grass will remove the headache, and without having to water several times a week, you can reduce upkeep as well as the cost of your water bill.

Artificial turf is a multiple-purpose product and there are more style options available now than ever before to meet your needs. Upkeep of your yard is one thing, but artificial turf can be utilized for other areas like your patio, indoor or outdoor gym, dog runs, and play area for safe, easy-to-maintain spaces. TURFBOND easily adheres to all these surfaces. Use TURFBOND for your next artificial turf project and see why it’s the perfect choice.

Try Artificial Grass for Your Next Project

When you’re ready for your next artificial turf project, you’ll want to ensure you are using quality products to get the job done right. Whether you’re in the market for an interior or exterior upgrade, commercial landscaping, or sports field installation, artificial turf is an excellent option. Help keep your surfaces safe, and your outdoor areas secured with an adhesive that keeps your artificial turf in place. There can be a lot of wear and tear on artificial turf surfaces, and a permanent weather-resistant turf adhesive will help keep everything where it’s supposed to be. Be it a project big or small, TURFBOND can handle it all. Shop our complete inventory online and check out our helpful FAQ page if you have any questions. Or give us a call and a member of our dedicated team will gladly speak with you. We look forward to helping complete your next project with TURFBOND.

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