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Frequently Asked Questions & Application Information


Yes! There are no harmful fumes, odors, or out gassing like many other adhesives. TURFBOND is VOC Free and eligible for LEED credits on most projects. It can be used indoors or out—so it’s ideal for any synthetic turf installation.

Store TURFBOND in a temperature controlled room, DO NOT allow to freeze. Unopened pails of TURFBOND stored at room temperature are warrantied up to 1 year.

No mixing is required, just open the pail and start spreading!

Yes! Unused TURFBOND can be stored in its original container. The length of storage time will depend on the amount of moisture in the product and the humidity of the storage facility. For best results, cover the unused adhesive with plastic wrap and press it firmly to the surface of the adhesive. Remove as much air as possible and replace the container lid. A thin hardened layer may form on top, this can be removed when ready for use, the adhesive under will be ready to apply.

Surface temperate should be at least 40 degrees (and rising) up to 95 degrees at time of install. Once TURFBOND is applied in this temperature range and the curing process has begun, temperatures can drop below or over this range and full cure will still be achieved.

TURFBOND is extremely difficult to remove once cured! Any spills should be cleaned up immediately with a dry cloth while the adhesive is still wet. Once TURFBOND has cured it must be scraped off to remove.

TURFBOND Application

~160-200 Linear Feet on 12" Seam Tape applications.

~160-200 Square Feet on direct glue down applications.

Four 1/4" beads on 6" Seam Tape = ~30 Linear Feet of coverage.

A 3/16” – V-Notch Trowel is recommended to ensure complete adhesive transfer.

6” and 12” wide

If your project involves gluing the turf directly down to concrete or asphalt, then seam tape is not needed-but be sure to weight the seam down for 8 hours after gluing. Any project where the turf is to be installed over crushed aggregate will require seam tape to be used to join the different pieces of turf together.

Football fields or other projects that will have a lot of high intensity activities on them should be installed using 12” seam tape. Landscaping, animal centers or other projects that will have light traffic can be done with 6” seam tape. 

TurfBond 29 OZ Cartridge


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