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TurfBond Artificial Turf Adhesive: 5 Gallon Pail

5 Gallon Pail

Looking for a reliable and effective solution for your artificial turf installation? Look no further than TurfBond Premium Synthetic Turf Adhesive. Our single-part, 100% Solids, moisture-cured polyurethane formula is both environmentally friendly and strong, ensuring a long-lasting bond. Easy to use straight from the pail, with no mixing or out-gassing required, TurfBond's high viscosity fills voids to ensure maximum contact and penetration. Make TurfBond your go-to for your next artificial turf project.

Whether you're a professional installer or taking on a DIY project, TurfBond Premium Synthetic Turf Adhesive is sure to exceed your expectations. Not only is it highly effective, but it's also environmentally responsible. When used on commercial projects, TurfBond has the potential to contribute up to 2 LEEDv4 credits, making it a smart choice for both your project and the environment.

Ensure the longevity of your artificial turf project by using the right amount of TurfBond adhesive. Our spread rate chart below helps you determine the right amount to use, so you can have confidence in a strong, lasting bond. Trust TurfBond for your next project and experience the difference for yourself.

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TURFBOND Is The Preferred Adhesive For Any Synthetic Turf Application, Able To Stand Up To The Abuse Of A Pro Athlete. It Is Perfect For Your Project Too!

TurfBond Is The Right Adhesive For Virtually
Any Type Of Synthetic Turf Installation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Randall Amtower
Good product high cost

I liked the product I'm using it for Turf on an 18 hole mini golf course the price point however is an extreme disadvantage because it's taking about one 5 gallon pail per hole

Paul Eade, Eade Fitness 24/7
Turf Bond

Customer service GREAT!
Om time delivery GREAT!


IGC Service Group, LLC
Looking forward to our next turf job so we can use this again!

Great adhesive! Customer Service was outstanding - could not have been more helpful or nice!

Turf looks great and is right where it should be! No wiggle or jiggling!

Austin Jacques
Great product and Great Service

The product was great and did everything I needed it to. There was no extra mixing needed and it was easy work with. I would like to highlight the service. I called the store number and the owner picked up from his personal phone while he was on vacation. I needed to pick up on a day they they were closed and he created a solution for me that worked very well. He was genuine and a person of his word. Thank you.

Thomas Casey
Niskayuna Lacrosse Club 2nd Install

I am thrilled to share some incredibly positive news regarding the recent implementation of TuffBond adhesive in our facilities with artificial turf and its significant role in advancing our lacrosse program.
The results have been nothing short of extraordinary! The use of TuffBond has not only exceeded our expectations but has also brought about a significant transformation in the performance and longevity of our artificial turf installations, thereby helping our lacrosse program thrive.
Here are just a few highlights of the overwhelming success we've witnessed and how it has positively impacted our lacrosse program:
TuffBond adhesive has demonstrated exceptional strength and resilience, ensuring that our artificial turf remains securely in place even under the most demanding conditions. This newfound durability has translated into more consistent and reliable playing surfaces for our lacrosse teams.
Seamless Integration: The application process was remarkably smooth, allowing for a seamless and uniform appearance across both facilities. The seams are practically invisible, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of our playing fields, which has boosted the morale of our lacrosse players.
Weather-Resistant Excellence: Regardless of the weather conditions, be it intense sun or heavy rain, TuffBond has proven its mettle by maintaining its bond integrity. This ensures that our lacrosse players can practice and compete without worrying about adverse weather conditions impacting the quality of their play.
It's truly heartwarming to witness such a positive impact on our facilities and how it has contributed to the growth of our lacrosse program. This achievement is a testament to the quality and reliability of TuffBond adhesive, and it would not have been possible without the dedication and expertise of our entire team.
Thank you for your support and trust in our pursuit of excellence, both in maintaining top-notch facilities and in helping our lacrosse program flourish. We look forward to continuing this successful partnership and further advancing our athletic endeavors.
Facilities Coordinator
Niskayuna Youth Lacrosse Club


Professional Sports

NFL Football, Pro Soccer, Major League Baseball—they all use TURFBOND for field graphics, end zone designs and more.


Secondary Schools

High schools and private schools also use TURFBOND.


Collegiate Sports

You’ll find TURFBOND on NCAA fields, stadiums, sports complexes, and at most bowl game venues!


Commercial Applications

Malls and shopping centers use TURFBOND to integrate graphics and branding elements into commercial spaces and landscaping.


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